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Properties For Sale

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Last updated: May 2022

Size Type Bedroom Finishing No of years District Area Project
65 Sqm Apartment Semi-Finished 2 Al-Mearag Maadi Quatro
66 Sqm Apartment Semi-Finished 2 Al-Mearag Maadi Quatro
87 Sqm Apartment Semi-Finished 2 Al-Mearag Maadi Quatro
130 Sqm Apartment Semi-Finished 2 Al-Mearag Maadi Quatro
110 Sqm Apartment Semi-Finished 2 Al-Mearag Maadi Quatro
128 Sqm Apartment Semi-Finished 2 Al-Mearag Maadi Quatro
123 Sqm Apartment Semi-Finished 2 Al-Mearag Maadi Quatro
140 Sqm Apartment Semi-Finished 2 Al-Mearag Maadi Quatro
143 Sqm Apartment Semi-Finished 2 Al-Mearag Maadi Quatro
127 Sqm Penthouse Semi-Finished 2 Al-Mearag Maadi Quatro
145 Sqm Apartment Semi-Finished 2 Al-Mearag Maadi Quatro
146 Sqm Apartment Semi-Finished 2 Al-Mearag Maadi Quatro
190 Sqm Apartment Semi-Finished 2 Al-Mearag Maadi Quatro
152 Sqm Apartment Semi-Finished 2 Al-Mearag Maadi Quatro
136 Sqm Penthouse Semi-Finished 2 Al-Mearag Maadi Quatro
155 Sqm Apartment Semi-Finished 2 Al-Mearag Maadi Quatro
161 Sqm Apartment Semi-Finished 2 Al-Mearag Maadi Quatro
162 Sqm Apartment Semi-Finished 2 Al-Mearag Maadi Quatro
165 Sqm Apartment Semi-Finished 2 Al-Mearag Maadi Quatro
180 Sqm Apartment Semi-Finished 2 Al-Mearag Maadi Quatro

Area Range

65 Sqm to 190 Sqm

Unit types

Apartment | Penthouse

Project Type


Down Payment
Pay Over
2 Years
2024 Q4

About Quatro,

Quatro is located in , . The developer of Quatro is . The property types in Quatro Apartment, Penthouse with a property size from 65 - 190 Sqm.

The completion date for Quatro is Oct 2024 and the finishing for the properties are Semi Finished.

Quatro, prices

The starting price of properties in Quatro is Ask for price with a price per sqm of Ask for price . The downpayment for a property in Quatro is starting at Ask for price or Ask for price . The number of installments for a property in Quatro is 8 installments and has a payment plan of 2 years. The monthly payment of a property in Quatro is starting at Ask for price

Discovering Quatro Maadi : Facilities, Amenities and More

Quatro, Maadi is a prestigious residential project developed by Al Sedek Real Estate, known for their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction also offers a range of amenities, convenient location and a promising investment opportunity. Amenities and Facilities: Quatro offers a range of amenities and facilities designed to enhance the residents' comfort and lifestyle, including: - Landscaped gardens and green spaces - 24/7 security services and surveillance systems - Dedicated parking spaces - Modern gymnasium and fitness center - Swimming pool and recreational areas - Children's playgrounds and daycare facilities - Retail outlets and commercial spaces within the project. Location and Accessibility: Quatro, Maadi enjoys a prime location in Al-Mearag, Maadi, offering several advantages to its residents. The project is conveniently connected to major transportation routes, making commuting to different parts of Cairo quick and convenient. Distances to important landmarks from Quatro in Maadi: - International Airport: Approximately 45 km (28 miles) away. - Pyramids of Giza: Around 25 km (15.5 miles) away. - Famous Parks: Several well-known parks are within a short distance, providing opportunities for outdoor activities and recreation. - Major Malls: Quatro is located in proximity to prominent shopping centers, offering a wide range of retail, dining, and entertainment options. - City Center: The project is well-connected to the city center, ensuring easy access to business districts, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. Property Types, Sizes, and Available Rooms: Quatro, Maadi offers a variety of property types to suit different preferences and needs, including: - Apartments: Ideal for individuals and small families, featuring well-designed living spaces with modern amenities. - Villas: Spacious and luxurious residences, providing ample room for larger families or those seeking a premium living experience. - Townhouses and Duplexes: Offering a combination of space, privacy, and contemporary design elements. Sizes of properties in Quatro vary to cater to diverse requirements, ranging from cozy studio apartments to expansive villas with multiple bedrooms and living areas. Each property type within Quatro is thoughtfully designed to maximize functionality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. Why Invest in Quatro, Maadi: -Promising Return on Investment: Maadi is a sought-after residential area, known for its high demand and steady property value appreciation, making Quatro an attractive investment opportunity. -Established Developer: Al Sedek Real Estate has a reputable track record in delivering quality projects, ensuring reliability and peace of mind for investors. -Prime Location: Quatro, Maadi enjoys a convenient location in Al-Mearag, Maadi, with easy access to major transportation routes, making commuting to different parts of Cairo quick and convenient. -Proximity to Landmarks: Quatro is located within reasonable distances from significant landmarks, including the international airport, Pyramids of Giza, famous parks and major malls, providing residents with easy access to various amenities and attractions. -Growing Demand: Maadi is a highly desirable neighborhood, known for its residential charm, well-established community, and proximity to essential services, making Quatro a desirable choice for both end-users and investors. -Developer Reputation: Al Sedek Real Estate is known for its commitment to delivering quality properties and timely completion, which adds to the attractiveness of investing in Quatro.

Your Ultimate Guide to Maadi: The Best Real Estate Market in Egypt

Nestled along the banks of the Nile River, Maadi has stood the test of time as a timeless oasis within the vibrant landscape of Cairo. We'll delves into the captivating Maadi real estate market, uncovering its unique community charm, prominent landmarks, unparalleled lifestyle attractions, and compelling reasons for investors to consider Maadi a lucrative investment opportunity.
Exploring the Maadi Community:
- Historic Elegance
Maadi's historic significance and elegant architecture set it apart as a prestigious residential area. Its leafy streets are adorned with villas, apartments, and townhouses that exude a blend of classic charm and modern comfort.
- International Community
Maadi's international appeal attracts a diverse community of residents. Diplomats, expatriates, and locals coexist harmoniously, creating a multicultural environment that fosters global connections.
- Lush Greenery
Maadi's lush landscapes and tree-lined streets provide a refreshing contrast to Cairo's urban intensity. The area boasts parks, gardens, and open spaces that offer residents a tranquil retreat amidst nature.
Attractions for Residents:
-Riverside Serenity
Living in Maadi means enjoying the tranquil embrace of the Nile's picturesque banks. Residents have the privilege of breathtaking river views, serene sunsets, and riverside promenades that contribute to a serene lifestyle.
- Cultural and Culinary Hub
Maadi's rich cultural fabric is reflected in its diverse culinary scene. From traditional Egyptian dishes to international cuisines, residents can indulge in a gastronomic adventure. The area's cultural centers and art galleries enrich the community's cultural experiences.
- Relaxed Pace
Maadi's laid-back ambiance offers a respite from Cairo's bustling pace. The community's peaceful atmosphere is ideal for families and individuals seeking a balanced and serene living environment.
Investment Appeal:
- Stable Property Values
Maadi's well-established reputation ensures a stable property market. Property values have demonstrated resilience over time, making it an attractive option for investors seeking long-term value retention.
- Rental Demand
Maadi's international community creates a consistent demand for rental properties. Investors can benefit from a reliable rental income stream, especially due to the area's proximity to embassies, international schools, and multinational companies.
- Luxury Potential
Maadi's upscale character and historic charm present an opportunity for luxury property development. Investors can tap into the demand for premium residences and cater to a discerning clientele seeking an elevated living experience.
The Maadi real estate market stands as an enduring oasis of elegance and charm. Its rich history, international community, lush landscapes, and serene riverside setting create an unmatched living experience. For investors, Maadi offers a stable investment environment, rental demand, and potential for luxury development. Whether seeking a refined home or a strategic investment, Maadi's timeless allure holds the promise of a fulfilling and lucrative journey in the realm of real estate.


Al Sedek Real Estate Lifestyle: An Insider's Guide to Egypt's Real Estate Developer

In the vibrant realm of Egypt's real estate market, Al Sedek Real Estate stands tall as a beacon of excellence and innovation. With a storied history, an unblemished reputation, and a diverse portfolio of exceptional projects, Al Sedek Real Estate has emerged as a true leader in the industry. 
A Glance at the Past:
Al Sedek Real Estate was born with a vision to redefine the Egyptian real estate landscape. Since its inception, the company has remained steadfast in its commitment to delivering quality and integrity in every project. Founded by a team of seasoned professionals, Al Sedek Real Estate has evolved into a name synonymous with trust and reliability.
Reputation in the Egyptian Market:
Al Sedek Real Estate has forged an impeccable reputation within the Egyptian real estate arena. Renowned for its transparency, dependability, and punctuality in project delivery, the company has become synonymous with excellence. Al Sedek Real Estate's properties aren't just aesthetically pleasing; they're designed to meet the highest standards of functionality and comfort.
Achievements That Speak Volumes:
Over the years, Al Sedek Real Estate has amassed a host of significant milestones, cementing its position as an industry leader. Its unwavering dedication to excellence has earned it recognition and accolades from both industry experts and delighted homeowners. Their projects have contributed substantially to the growth and development of the communities they serve.
Why Invest in Al Sedek Real Estate
- Proven Track Record: Al Sedek Real Estate's consistent success and on-time project delivery inspire investor confidence.
- Uncompromising Quality: The company's unwavering commitment to high-quality finishing ensures long-term value for your investment.
- Flexible Payment Options: Al Sedek Real Estate offers flexible payment plans, making it easier for investors to manage their finances.
- Prime Locations: Their projects are strategically located in highly sought-after areas, promising excellent returns on investment.
- Trusted Developer: Al Sedek Real Estate's reputation for integrity and reliability makes it the preferred choice for investors seeking stability and growth.
Al Sedek Real Estate is more than just a developer; it's a symbol of trust, quality, and excellence in Egypt's real estate realm. With a history of achievement, a portfolio of remarkable projects, and a commitment to delivering enduring value, investing in Al Sedek Real Estate is a decision that holds the promise of a prosperous and secure real estate venture. Choose Al Sedek Real Estate for a brighter future in Egypt's real estate landscape.


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