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3 Bedrooms Apartment for sale in IVY Residence, El Shorouk

Property type Apartment
Bedrooms 3
Property size 170 sqm
Completion Jul 2024
Finishing Semi-Finished
Project name

IVY Residence


AGEC Developments

District El Shorouk City
Area El Shorouk
City Cairo

Under Construction

Developer CodeIVY-56-PAN-A-102-1
SupplierAGEC Developments
DeveloperAGEC Developments
ProjectIVY Residence
Status 2Under Construction
Sale Price4272460
Price Per M Bua25132.117647059
Payment Plans40.10.0.0,,
AreaEl Shorouk
DistrictEl Shorouk City

IVY Residence Master Plan

Master Plan

What is the price for 3 bedroom Apartment in IVY Residence , El Shorouk ?

The price for 3 bedroom Apartment in IVY Residence , El Shorouk is 4,272,460 EGP

Properties For Sale

Properties For Sale

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Last updated: Aug 2023

Price Size Type Bedroom Per Sqm Finishing No of years Installment 10% Downpayment Monthly Payment District Area Project
EGP 4,049,070 159 Sqm Apartment 3 EGP 25,465 7 28 EGP 404,907 EGP 43,383 El Shorouk City El Shorouk IVY Residence
EGP 4,131,508 150 Sqm Apartment 3 EGP 27,543 7 28 EGP 413,151 EGP 44,266 El Shorouk City El Shorouk IVY Residence
EGP 4,134,664 144 Sqm Apartment EGP 28,712 7 28 EGP 413,466 EGP 44,300 El Shorouk City El Shorouk IVY Residence
EGP 4,251,029 167 Sqm Apartment 3 EGP 25,455 7 28 EGP 425,103 EGP 45,547 El Shorouk City El Shorouk IVY Residence
EGP 4,973,150 125 Sqm Apartment 2 EGP 39,785 7 28 EGP 497,315 EGP 53,284 El Shorouk City El Shorouk IVY Residence
EGP 7,609,526 290 Sqm Duplex EGP 26,239 7 28 EGP 760,953 EGP 81,531 El Shorouk City El Shorouk IVY Residence
EGP 7,864,869 186 Sqm Apartment 3 EGP 42,284 7 28 EGP 786,487 EGP 84,266 El Shorouk City El Shorouk IVY Residence

Your Ultimate Guide to El Shorouk: The Best Real Estate Market in Egypt

Nestled on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt, El Shorouk has emerged as a thriving real estate market and a sought-after community for both residents and investors alike. With its strategic location, modern amenities and promising future, El Shorouk has captured the attention of those seeking a balanced lifestyle and lucrative investment opportunities.
Community Overview:
El Shorouk is a well-planned satellite city situated northeast of Cairo. Its well-organized layout, lush landscapes and well-designed infrastructure contribute to its reputation as a peaceful and family-friendly community. El Shorouk is a relatively new development which means it offers modern infrastructure and well-designed residential areas which provides a breath of fresh air away from the bustling city center.
Landmarks and Attractions:
El Shorouk offers a blend of tranquility and convenience, making it an attractive place to live. Some notable landmarks and attractions include:
- Shorouk Club: A hub for sports and recreational activities, the Shorouk Club offers residents access to swimming pools, sports courts and fitness facilities.
- Cairo Festival City: This mega shopping and entertainment destination is just a stone's throw away. It boasts a wide range of retail outlets, dining options and entertainment facilities for residents to enjoy.
- Educational Institutions: El Shorouk is home to reputable schools and universities which makes it an ideal choice for families. These institutions provide quality education and contribute to the overall appeal of the community.
- Green Spaces: El Shorouk places a strong emphasis on green spaces with well-maintained parks and gardens that offer residents a refreshing escape from urban life.
Attractions for Investors:
Investors are increasingly turning their attention to El Shorouk for several compelling reasons:
- Strategic Location: El Shorouk's proximity to major highways, including the Cairo-Suez Road that enhances its accessibility and connectivity to other key areas which makes it an appealing destination for both residents and businesses.
- Infrastructure Development: As a relatively newer development, El Shorouk benefits from modern infrastructure including well-planned road networks, utilities and facilities. This infrastructure serves as a strong foundation for future growth.
- Rising Demand: The demand for well-designed and family-oriented communities is on the rise. El Shorouk caters to this demand by offering a peaceful and secure environment away from the urban chaos.
- Potential for Appreciation: The real estate market in El Shorouk is showing signs of appreciation due to its planned development with improved amenities and increasing demand. This potential for property value appreciation makes it an attractive option for investors looking for long-term gains.
- Mixed-Use Developments: The inclusion of mixed-use developments that combine residential, commercial and leisure spaces enhances the investment potential. Such developments often create vibrant communities and attractive investment opportunities.
El Shorouk's real estate market presents a blend of comfort, modernity, and potential for investors. Its well-planned layout, proximity to amenities and rising demand for quality living spaces make it an appealing destination for families and individuals seeking a balanced lifestyle. Additionally, the city's strategic location and well-designed infrastructure position it as a promising investment hub with the potential for property value appreciation. As El Shorouk continues to develop and thrive, it stands as a testament to the possibilities that emerge when thoughtful planning meets strategic investment.


AGEC Developments Lifestyle: An Insider's Guide to Egypt's Real Estate Developer

In Egypt's vibrant real estate market, AGEC Developments has emerged as a stalwart, redefining the industry's standards through innovation, quality, and a relentless commitment to excellence. This article provides a comprehensive overview of AGEC Developments, including its history, reputation, notable achievements, and compelling reasons to consider investing in their projects.
A Brief History:
AGEC Developments, established in 2001, has been a prominent figure in Egypt's real estate sector for over two decades. Throughout its journey, AGEC has consistently demonstrated a keen understanding of market dynamics and an unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional properties.
Reputation in the Egyptian Market:
AGEC Developments has solidified its reputation in the Egyptian real estate market through the following key attributes:
- Experience and Expertise: With over 20 years of experience, AGEC is a seasoned player in the industry. Their multidisciplinary team brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to every project.
- Quality-Centric Approach: AGEC's commitment to quality is unmatched. Each of their developments is a testament to their dedication to excellence in construction, design, and finishing.
- Innovation and Sustainability: AGEC is at the forefront of innovation, incorporating sustainable practices into their projects. They are known for their forward-thinking designs that align with modern environmental and lifestyle trends.
- Prime Locations: AGEC carefully selects prime locations for their developments, ensuring accessibility, convenience, and potential for future growth.
- Customer-Centric Focus: AGEC prioritizes customer satisfaction, consistently exceeding expectations and building lasting relationships with homeowners and investors.
Notable Achievements:
AGEC Developments' journey has been marked by several notable achievements:
- Paramount Business Complex: One of their flagship projects, the Paramount Business Complex in Cairo, stands as a symbol of their commitment to excellence and innovation in commercial real estate.
- Continuous Expansion: AGEC's portfolio continues to grow, with an array of residential, commercial, and mixed-use developments that cater to diverse needs and preferences.
- Sustainability Initiatives: AGEC's dedication to sustainability has garnered recognition within the industry, making them a leader in environmentally conscious development.
Why Invest in AGEC Developments:
Investing in AGEC Developments presents a multitude of compelling reasons:
- Proven Track Record: AGEC's extensive portfolio of successful projects demonstrates their ability to deliver value and returns on investment.
- Innovation and Design: Their commitment to innovative design ensures that your investment is in properties that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and future-proof.
- Sustainable Development: As sustainability becomes increasingly important, AGEC's eco-conscious projects are positioned to appeal to environmentally conscious investors.
- Prime Locations: AGEC's projects are strategically located, promising excellent connectivity and potential for long-term appreciation.
- Commitment to Excellence: AGEC's unwavering focus on quality and customer satisfaction ensures that your investment is in safe hands.
AGEC Developments is synonymous with excellence, innovation and sustainability in Egypt's real estate landscape. With a rich history, a sterling reputation and a commitment to delivering value, AGEC offers a compelling proposition for those seeking to invest in Egypt's dynamic real estate market. Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of their legacy and secure your future through AGEC Developments.


About 3 Bedrooms Apartment for sale in IVY Residence

This 3 Bedrooms Apartment in IVY Residence comes in the size of IVY Residence 170 sqm is for sale for 4,272,460 EGP with a price per sqm of 25,132 EGP . This unit is located at El Shorouk City, El Shorouk, Cairo.

This 3 Bedrooms Apartment has a payment plan option of 10% or 786,487 EGP downpayment and monthly payment of 84,266 EGP payable at 7 Years.

The completion date for 3 Bedrooms Apartment in IVY Residence is Jul 2024 and the finishing for the property is Semi-Finished.

About IVY Residence, El Shorouk

IVY Residence is located in El Shorouk, . The developer of IVY Residence is AGEC Developments. The property types in IVY Residence with a property size from 125 - 290 Sqm.

The completion date for IVY Residence is Mar 2024 and the finishing for the properties are Semi Finished.

IVY Residence, El Shorouk prices

The starting price of properties in IVY Residence is 4,049,070 EGP with a price per sqm of 25,455 EGP. The downpayment for a property in IVY Residence is starting at 10% or 404,907 EGP. The number of installments for a property in IVY Residence is 28 installments and has a payment plan of 7 years. The monthly payment of a property in IVY Residence is starting at 43,383 EGP

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