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Jedar: Twinhouses in 6th October, Egypt

Properties For Sale

Properties For Sale

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Last updated: Sep 2022

Size Type Bedroom Finishing No of years District Area Project
257 Sqm Twin House Semi-Finished 7 Eastern Extension 6th October Jedar

Projects by IWAN Developments

Jedar is located in 6th October Giza

The developer of Jedar is IWAN Developments

The property types for Jedar

The property size in Jedar 257.3 - 257.3 Sqm

The completion date for Jedar is Dec 2022

The units available for Jedar :
For Sale

The finishing type of Jedar is Semi Finished

The price per sqm of Jedar is 30,968 EGP

The Jedar is located in district Eastern Extension

The Jedar is located in area 6th October

The license of Jedar is Residential

About Jedar, 6th October

Jedar is located in 6th October, Giza. The developer of Jedar is IWAN Developments. The property types in Jedar Twinhouse with a property size from 257.3 - 257.3 Sqm.

The completion date for Jedar is Dec 2022 and the finishing for the properties are Semi Finished.

Jedar, 6th October prices

The starting price of properties in Jedar is 7,959,003 EGP with a price per sqm of 30,968 EGP. The downpayment for a property in Jedar is starting at 10% or 795,900 EGP. The number of installments for a property in Jedar is 28 installments and has a payment plan of 7 years. The monthly payment of a property in Jedar is starting at 85,275 EGP

Here are more details about the prices of the Twinhouse in Jedar :

Discovering Jedar 6th October : Facilities, Amenities and More

Jedar in 6th October is a luxurious residential compound located in the heart of 6th October City, one of the most sought-after locations in Egypt. It offers a serene and peaceful lifestyle in a gated community with a wide range of amenities and facilities. Location: Jedar in 6th October is strategically located near some of Egypt's most important landmarks and attractions. Here are some of the distances from Jedar to these landmarks: - Cairo International Airport: 45 km - The Pyramids of Giza: 15 km - Al-Jazira Sporting Club: 8 km - Mall of Arabia: 10 km - City Stars Mall: 32 km - Downtown Cairo: 25 km Amenities and Facilities: Jedar in 6th October offers a wide range of amenities and facilities to its residents. Here are some of the highlights: - Clubhouse with a swimming pool, gym, and spa - 24/7 security and CCTV surveillance - Underground parking - Landscaped gardens and green spaces - Kids' play area - Jogging and cycling tracks - On-site retail outlets The Project in General: Jedar in 6th October is a gated community that comprises of 452 residential units, including apartments, duplexes, and villas. The project is spread over 22 acres and is designed to provide a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle to its residents. The units in Jedar are designed with modern and contemporary architecture and come in different sizes to suit different needs and preferences. The project is developed by Emaar Misr, one of Egypt's leading real estate developers, known for delivering high-quality projects that meet international standards. Why Invest in Jedar in 6th October? Jedar in 6th October is an excellent investment opportunity for several reasons: - Prime Location: Jedar in 6th October is located in one of the most sought-after locations in Egypt, which is expected to continue growing and developing in the coming years. - Strong Rental Demand: 6th October City is a popular residential area, and there is strong rental demand from expats and locals, making it an ideal investment for those looking for rental income. - High Return on Investment: The project is developed by Emaar Misr, which is known for delivering high-quality projects with a strong ROI. The development's strategic location and luxurious amenities also add value to the investment. - Quality of Life: Jedar in 6th October offers a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle in a gated community with all the necessary amenities and facilities. Buyer Guide: Before investing in Jedar in 6th October, here are some important things to consider: - Budget: Determine your budget and choose a unit that fits within your budget. - Unit Type: Choose a unit type that suits your needs and preferences. - Payment Plan: Check the payment plan and choose the one that suits your financial situation. - Developer Reputation: Research the developer's reputation and track record before making a purchase. - Location: Consider the location and proximity to important landmarks and amenities.

Your Ultimate Guide to 6th October: The Best Real Estate Market in Egypt

The 6th October real estate market stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of community living, modern amenities, and lucrative investment prospects. We will delve into the intricacies of the captivating 6th October real estate market, shedding light on its community dynamics, prominent landmarks, quality of life factors, and the compelling reasons that make it an enticing choice for both potential residents and astute investors.
Community and Lifestyle:
The essence of 6th October lies in its vibrant community that thrives on unity and diversity. This area caters to families, professionals, and individuals alike, fostering an inclusive environment that encourages connections and shared experiences. Residents benefit from a balanced lifestyle, blending tranquility with urban convenience.
Landmarks and Attractions:
The 6th October real estate market boasts an array of landmarks and attractions that enhance the overall living experience:
- Mall of Arabia: A sprawling shopping and entertainment complex, Mall of Arabia offers a diverse range of retail outlets, dining options, and entertainment facilities, adding vibrancy to local living.
- Dream Park: This amusement park is a family-friendly haven, perfect for creating cherished memories and fostering a sense of community.
- Smart Village: A hub for multinational corporations and startups, Smart Village fosters a professional environment that attracts a skilled workforce.
Attraction for Investors:
For investors keen on tapping into Egypt's real estate market, the 6th October area presents compelling incentives:
- Strategic Location: 6th October's strategic positioning ensures seamless connectivity to central Cairo and beyond, attracting professionals and families seeking accessibility.
- Business Potential: The presence of Smart Village and other business centers generates demand for rental properties from a growing workforce and expatriates.
- Educational Hubs: The 6th October region is home to esteemed educational institutions, attracting students and faculty, which fuels the demand for both short-term and long-term rentals.
- Infrastructure Development: Continuous infrastructure enhancements contribute to the area's appreciation potential, making it a smart long-term investment.
- Commercial Prospects: The growing economy and established businesses in the vicinity create potential for lucrative investments in commercial properties.
The 6th October real estate market encapsulates the fusion of community, convenience, and investment potential. Its strategic location, combined with its thriving community and diverse attractions, makes it an ideal place to call home. For investors, the prospect of substantial returns is heightened by the area's professional demand, educational appeal, and ongoing infrastructure development.
6th October embodies the perfect harmony between community-oriented living and shrewd investment opportunities. It provides residents a lifestyle that blends urban amenities with a welcoming environment, while investors have the chance to capitalize on a market that offers both immediate and long-term rewards. Embark on a journey to discover the potential that awaits in the 6th October real estate market – a convergence of modern living and prosperous investment opportunities.


IWAN Developments Lifestyle: An Insider's Guide to Egypt's Real Estate Developer

In Egypt's dynamic real estate sector, Iwan Developments emerges as a trailblazer, seamlessly blending innovation, sustainability, and luxury across its diverse portfolio. Let's embark on an exploration of Iwan Developments, unveiling its history, projects, reputation, achievements, and compelling reasons to invest in this esteemed developer.
History and Legacy:
Established on a foundation of visionary leadership and commitment to excellence, Iwan Developments has carved a distinct niche since its inception. With a profound understanding of Egypt's real estate landscape, the company has forged ahead, embracing innovation while respecting the country's rich heritage.
Real Estate Projects:
Iwan Developments' portfolio is a testament to its dedication to crafting exceptional spaces. From luxurious residential compounds to commercial complexes and mixed-use developments, each project exemplifies meticulous planning, architectural finesse, and sustainability. Notable projects like Alma, Atrio, Majada and Jewar underscore the company's commitment to redefining modern living.
Reputation in the Egyptian Market:
Renowned for its reliability and commitment to quality, Iwan Developments has earned a sterling reputation in the Egyptian real estate market. The company's steadfast adherence to delivering on promises, meeting deadlines, and fostering transparency in dealings has garnered trust among investors, homeowners, and industry peers.
Achievements and Accolades:
Iwan Developments' accolades serve as a testament to its pursuit of excellence. Recognitions for architectural innovation, sustainable practices, and contributions to Egypt's urban landscape highlight the company's position as a leader in the real estate realm.
Important Facts:
- Innovative Design: Iwan Developments integrates cutting-edge design and sustainability practices, creating spaces that harmonize with the environment and offer a high quality of life.
- Customer-Centric Approach: The company prioritizes customer satisfaction, tailoring its projects to meet the diverse needs and aspirations of its clientele.
- Strategic Partnerships: Collaborating with renowned architects, planners, and consultants, Iwan Developments ensures the delivery of exceptional projects characterized by quality and innovation.
Why Invest in Iwan Developments:
- Stability and Growth Potential: Investing in Iwan Developments offers stability and growth prospects. The company's track record of delivering high-quality projects on schedule presents a reliable investment opportunity for those seeking steady returns.
- Uncompromising Quality and Innovation: Iwan Developments' unwavering commitment to superior craftsmanship and innovative design sets its projects apart, ensuring value appreciation and a superior standard of living for residents.
- Prime Locations and Varied Offerings: Strategically located developments coupled with diverse offerings cater to various preferences and needs. Proximity to essential amenities, transport hubs, and recreational facilities adds to the allure for potential investors.
- Sustainability and Long-Term Viability: The projects under Iwan Developments' banner are designed for long-term sustainability and endurance. Investing in these developments not only promises immediate returns but also ensures resilience in an ever-evolving real estate market.
Iwan Developments stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence within Egypt's real estate sector. With a rich history, outstanding projects, an impeccable reputation, and a commitment to creating sustainable, luxurious spaces, investing in Iwan Developments isn't just a financial endeavor but an opportunity to own a piece of Egypt's visionary architectural legacy.


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