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Hyde Park North: Villas, Townhouses, Twinhouses, Duplexs, Chalets in North Coast, Egypt

Properties For Sale

Properties For Sale

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Last updated: Jul 2023

Size Type Bedroom Finishing No of years District Area Project
182 Sqm Duplex Fully Finished 8 Ras El Hekma North Coast Hyde Park North
188 Sqm Twinhouse Fully Finished 8 Ras El Hekma North Coast Hyde Park North
168 Sqm Duplex Fully Finished 8 Ras El Hekma North Coast Hyde Park North
212 Sqm Twinhouse Fully Finished 8 Ras El Hekma North Coast Hyde Park North

Hyde Park North Twinhouse

Size Type Beds Finishing Area District Project
188.00 Twinhouse Fully Finished North Coast Ras El Hekma Hyde Park North
212.00 Twinhouse Fully Finished North Coast Ras El Hekma Hyde Park North

Hyde Park North Duplex

Size Type Beds Finishing Area District Project
182.00 Duplex Fully Finished North Coast Ras El Hekma Hyde Park North
168.00 Duplex Fully Finished North Coast Ras El Hekma Hyde Park North

Hyde Park North is located in North Coast Matruh

The developer of Hyde Park North is Hyde Park Developments

The property types for Hyde Park North

The property size in Hyde Park North 168 - 212 Sqm

The completion date for Hyde Park North is Jul 2027

The units available for Hyde Park North :
For Sale

The finishing type of Hyde Park North is Fully Finished

The price per sqm of Hyde Park North is 80,549 EGP

The Hyde Park North is located in district Ras El Hekma

The Hyde Park North is located in area North Coast

The license of Hyde Park North is Residential

About Hyde Park North, North Coast

Hyde Park North is located in North Coast, Matruh. The developer of Hyde Park North is Hyde Park Developments. The property types in Hyde Park North Villa, Townhouse, Twinhouse, Duplex, Chalet with a property size from 168 - 212 Sqm.

The completion date for Hyde Park North is Jul 2027 and the finishing for the properties are Fully Finished.

Hyde Park North, North Coast prices

The starting price of properties in Hyde Park North is Ask for price with a price per sqm of Ask for price . The downpayment for a property in Hyde Park North is starting at Ask for price or Ask for price . The number of installments for a property in Hyde Park North is 32 installments and has a payment plan of 8 years. The monthly payment of a property in Hyde Park North is starting at Ask for price

Here are more details about the prices of the Villa, Townhouse, Twinhouse, Duplex, Chalet in Hyde Park North :

Prices for Twinhouse in Hyde Park North

Prices for Duplex in Hyde Park North

Discovering Hyde Park North North Coast : Facilities, Amenities and More

Nestled in the pristine beauty of Egypt's North Coast, Hyde Park North is a prestigious real estate project that offers a unique blend of elegance, comfort, and convenience. Boasting world-class amenities, breathtaking views and a prime location, Hyde Park North stands as a remarkable investment opportunity in the heart of this sought-after coastal destination. Project Overview: - Location: Hyde Park North is strategically situated in the North Coast, one of Egypt's most desirable coastal regions. - Developer: Hyde Park Developments, renowned for their commitment to luxury and innovation in real estate. -Project Size: Covering a vast expanse, Hyde Park North provides an expansive retreat for its residents. Amenities and Facilities: Hyde Park North is a haven of world-class amenities that cater to every aspect of modern living, making it an ideal destination for families, vacationers and investors. Its amenities include: - Private Beach Access - Clubhouse and Spa - Swimming Pools - Sports Facilities - Retail and Dining Types of Properties and Room Configurations: Hyde Park North presents a diverse range of property types to suit various preferences and needs: - Villas: Exquisite villas offering privacy, spaciousness and unparalleled luxury. - Chalets: Comfortable and well-appointed chalets, perfect for vacation getaways. - Apartments: Stylish and contemporary apartments designed for modern urban living. Investment Potential: Investing in Hyde Park North in North Coast offers several compelling reasons: - Luxury Living: Experience the epitome of luxury living with top-tier amenities and a serene coastal environment. - Capital Appreciation: The North Coast region has shown consistent growth in property values, promising attractive returns on investment. - Rental Income: The popularity of the North Coast as a vacation destination ensures a steady stream of rental income. - Developer Reputation: Hyde Park Developments' track record ensures a high-quality project and excellent customer support. Proximity to Landmarks: Hyde Park North's location offers convenient access to key landmarks: -International Airport: The nearest international airport to the North Coast is Borg El Arab Airport, and it is approximately 100-150 kilometers away. -Pyramids: The iconic Giza Pyramids are located in Cairo, which is about 200-250 kilometers from the North Coast. -Famous Parks: Landmarks like Al Montaza Park and King Abdullah Gardens are in Alexandria, approximately 50-100 kilometers away. -Major Malls: City Center Mall and San Stefano Grand Plaza are popular malls in Alexandria, around 50-100 kilometers from the North Coast. -City Center: Alexandria's city center is roughly 50-100 kilometers away from the North Coast. Hyde Park North in North Coast presents an unparalleled opportunity to own a slice of coastal luxury. With its updated amenities, prime location, and varied property options, this project stands as a testament to Hyde Park Developments' commitment to excellence. Whether you seek a tranquil beachfront retreat, a lucrative investment, or a blend of both, Hyde Park North is poised to deliver a lifestyle that exceeds expectations.

Your Ultimate Guide to North Coast: The Best Real Estate Market in Egypt

The North Coast of Egypt has emerged as a captivating destination that seamlessly blends pristine beaches, upscale living, and promising investment opportunities. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the factors that make the North Coast a sought-after community and a prime target for astute real estate investors.
Community and Landmarks: 
- Stunning Beaches: The North Coast boasts some of the most stunning beaches in Egypt, offering residents and visitors a chance to relax and enjoy the soothing waves of the Mediterranean Sea.
- Golf Resorts: Golf enthusiasts can indulge in their passion at the upscale golf resorts dotting the North Coast, adding to the area's luxurious appeal.
- Upscale Resorts and Hotels: The North Coast is home to a plethora of high-end resorts and hotels, providing residents with access to luxury amenities and recreational facilities.
- Exclusive Communities: Gated communities with modern infrastructure and meticulously designed homes cater to residents seeking a blend of privacy and sophistication.
Attractions for Residents and Investors: 
For Residents:
- Beachfront Lifestyle: The North Coast offers residents the chance to embrace a beachfront lifestyle, with pristine shores just a stone's throw away from their homes.
- Recreational Activities: From water sports and beach activities to golfing and spa retreats, the North Coast provides ample opportunities for leisure and relaxation.
- Luxurious Living: The area's upscale resorts, hotels, and gated communities create an environment of luxury and comfort for residents.
- Scenic Beauty: The North Coast's breathtaking coastal vistas and natural beauty enhance the quality of life for those who call it home.
For Investors:
- High Demand: The North Coast's popularity as a vacation destination ensures consistent demand for rental properties, offering investors a lucrative income stream.
- Appreciation Potential: With its reputation as a luxury destination growing, property values in the North Coast have the potential to appreciate over time.
- Tourism Influx: The North Coast's allure draws a steady stream of tourists, presenting opportunities for short-term rentals and hospitality investments.
- Diversified Portfolio: Investing in North Coast real estate can add diversity to an investment portfolio, leveraging the area's unique appeal.
Why Invest in the North Coast:
Investing in the North Coast's real estate market combines the allure of beachfront living with the promise of attractive financial returns. The area's stunning beaches, upscale amenities, and growing reputation as a luxury destination make it a compelling choice for both those seeking a coastal haven and those looking to diversify their investment portfolio. With its high demand for rental properties, potential for appreciation, and continuous influx of tourists, the North Coast stands as a beacon of investment opportunity within Egypt's real estate landscape.
The North Coast's real estate market offers a harmonious fusion of beachfront living and promising investment potential. Whether you're drawn to its idyllic shores, luxurious lifestyle, or financial gains, the North Coast presents a unique proposition for residents seeking a coastal retreat and investors seeking a secure and rewarding venture. With its stunning beaches, upscale amenities, and potential for both rental income and property appreciation, the North Coast beckons as a prime destination for those seeking a balanced and prosperous investment journey.


Hyde Park Developments Lifestyle: An Insider's Guide to Egypt's Real Estate Developer

Hyde Park Developments, a prominent player in the Egyptian real estate scene, has been setting new standards in residential, leisure and commercial development. Hyde Park Developments has been dedicated to crafting exceptional living spaces that redefine the concept of modern living. With a passion for innovation and architectural excellence, the company has been instrumental in shaping Egypt's real estate landscape.
Showcasing Iconic Projects: 
Hyde Park Developments has made its mark with a portfolio of remarkable projects. Let's explore some of their notable developments:
- Hyde Park New Cairo: Spanning an impressive 6 million square meters, Hyde Park New Cairo is a testament to luxury and convenience. Nestled in the heart of east Cairo, this development promises an unparalleled living experience.
- Garden Lakes: A community inspired by nature, Garden Lakes offers a range of luxurious apartments, duplexes, and single-family homes. Collaborating with Eklego Designs, the development boasts sophisticated design and a harmonious connection to nature.
- Tawny: Representing avant-garde architecture and design, Tawny's villas showcase Hyde Park Development's commitment to excellence. This development reflects the company's dedication to pushing boundaries in design aesthetics.
- Seashore: Located in Ras El Hekma, Seashore is a seaside haven that features a pristine beach, creating a sensory awakening for residents. The development exemplifies Hyde Park's ability to create unique living experiences.
A Reputation of Trust: 
Hyde Park Developments has earned a reputation as a trusted and innovative developer in the Egyptian real estate market. The company's unwavering dedication to quality, timely delivery, and customer satisfaction has garnered the trust of investors and homeowners alike.
Remarkable Achievements: 
Hyde Park Developments' journey is marked by significant achievements:
- Recognition: The company's developments have received recognition from industry experts, underlining their contribution to the evolution of Egypt's real estate sector.
- Community Impact: Beyond construction, Hyde Park Developments has positively impacted communities by creating environments that foster a sense of community and belonging.
Key Facts about Hyde Park Developments:
- A leading private developer known for residential, leisure, and commercial excellence.
- Diverse portfolio spanning across East, West, and North Cairo.
- Commitment to architectural innovation and design.
- Emphasis on creating holistic and integrated living spaces.
Investing in Hyde Park Developments: 
Choosing to invest in Hyde Park Developments comes with a host of benefits:
- Proven Excellence: The company's track record of successful projects ensures a secure foundation for your investment.
- Prime Locations: Hyde Park Developments' projects are strategically located, ensuring high demand and potential for appreciation.
- Architectural Innovation: The company's dedication to avant-garde design ensures that your investment remains relevant and attractive.
- Comprehensive Communities: The focus on creating integrated communities ensures a well-rounded and fulfilling lifestyle for residents.
- Long-Term Value: Hyde Park Developments' commitment to quality ensures that properties retain their value, making them sound investments.
- Diverse Offerings: The diverse range of developments appeals to various preferences and lifestyles, catering to a wide range of potential buyers.
Hyde Park Developments is a torchbearer of innovation, excellence, and community-centric development in Egypt's real estate sector. With a rich history, iconic projects, and an unwavering commitment to quality, investing in Hyde Park Developments offers more than just a property; it presents an opportunity to secure a future of prosperity, luxury and enduring value. Whether you're seeking a modern home or a comprehensive lifestyle, Hyde Park Developments offers an investment avenue that transcends traditional real estate, offering a path to a life of fulfillment and success.


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