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The Groove: Twinhouses, Chalets in Sokhna, Egypt

Properties For Sale

Properties For Sale

All prices on website are starting prices. All the prices are updated and provided by project developer.

Last updated: Aug 2023

Size Type Bedroom Finishing No of years District Area Project
100 Sqm Chalet 2 Fully Finished 8 Zafarana Sokhna The Groove
109 Sqm Chalet 2 Fully Finished 8 Zafarana Sokhna The Groove
170 Sqm Twinhouse 2 8 Zafarana Sokhna The Groove
177 Sqm Twinhouse 2 8 Zafarana Sokhna The Groove
250 Sqm Twinhouse 8 Zafarana Sokhna The Groove

Projects by DM Development

The Groove Twinhouse

Size Type Beds Finishing Area District Project
170.00 Twinhouse 2 Sokhna Zafarana The Groove
177.00 Twinhouse 2 Sokhna Zafarana The Groove
250.00 Twinhouse Sokhna Zafarana The Groove

The Groove Chalet

Size Type Beds Finishing Area District Project
100.00 Chalet 2 Fully Finished Sokhna Zafarana The Groove
109.00 Chalet 2 Fully Finished Sokhna Zafarana The Groove

The Groove is located in Sokhna Suez

The developer of The Groove is DM Development

The property types for The Groove

The property size in The Groove 100 - 250 Sqm

The completion date for The Groove is Jul 2025

The units available for The Groove :
For Sale

The finishing type of The Groove is Fully Finished

The price per sqm of The Groove is 42,202 EGP

The The Groove is located in district Zafarana

The The Groove is located in area Sokhna

The license of The Groove is Residential

About The Groove, Sokhna

The Groove is located in Sokhna, Suez. The developer of The Groove is DM Development. The property types in The Groove Twinhouse, Chalet with a property size from 100 - 250 Sqm.

The completion date for The Groove is Jul 2025 and the finishing for the properties are Fully Finished.

The Groove, Sokhna prices

The starting price of properties in The Groove is Ask for price with a price per sqm of Ask for price . The downpayment for a property in The Groove is starting at Ask for price or Ask for price . The number of installments for a property in The Groove is 32 installments and has a payment plan of 8 years. The monthly payment of a property in The Groove is starting at Ask for price

Here are more details about the prices of the Twinhouse, Chalet in The Groove :

Prices for Twinhouse in The Groove

Prices for Chalet in The Groove

  • The price of the Chalet with 2 bedroom Fully Finished size 100 m2 The Groove starting from Ask for price & the price per sqm is Ask for price

  • The price of the Chalet with 2 bedroom Fully Finished size 109 m2 The Groove starting from Ask for price & the price per sqm is Ask for price

Discovering The Groove Sokhna : Facilities, Amenities and More

The Groove in Sokhna is a luxurious residential project set against the backdrop of the mesmerizing Red Sea coast. Offering a unique blend of natural beauty and modern living, The Groove stands out as an exceptional investment opportunity. Project Overview: - Location: The Groove in Sokhna is ideally situated along the Red Sea's pristine shoreline, providing breathtaking sea views and easy access to the beach. - Size: The project spans an extensive area, allowing for spacious living spaces, beautifully landscaped gardens, and abundant recreational areas. - Types of Rooms: The Groove offers a wide range of housing options, from cozy studio apartments to spacious villas, catering to various preferences. - Available Rooms: Prospective buyers can choose from studio apartments, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom units, as well as luxurious beachfront villas. Amenities and Facilities: The Groove in Sokhna boasts a comprehensive range of amenities and facilities that cater to a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle: - Private Beach Access: Residents can enjoy exclusive access to a pristine private beach, where they can soak up the sun, swim, and partake in various water sports. - Infinity Pools: Multiple infinity pools, both adult and children's pools, provide stunning sea views, making relaxation a top priority. - Spa and Wellness Center: A state-of-the-art spa and wellness center offers residents a tranquil haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. - Sports and Recreation: From tennis courts to water sports facilities, The Groove offers ample options for active living. - Fine Dining: Gourmet restaurants on the premises provide an array of culinary experiences. - Security: The development features round-the-clock security, ensuring peace of mind for residents. Why Invest in The Groove in Sokhna: Investing in The Groove offers several compelling reasons: - Prime Location: Sokhna is a rapidly growing area, making it an attractive destination for both local and international visitors. This development's proximity to the Red Sea coast provides an unparalleled experience. - High Rental Potential: With its stunning sea views and luxurious amenities, properties in The Groove have high rental potential, making it a sound investment for those looking to generate income. - Capital Appreciation: Real estate in Sokhna is poised for significant capital appreciation due to its growing popularity as a tourist and residential destination. - Quality of Life: The Groove offers a lifestyle that blends modernity with nature, making it an ideal choice for personal use as well as investment. Distance to Key Landmarks: - Cairo International Airport: The Groove in Sokhna is approximately 150 kilometers from Cairo International Airport, providing convenient access for both domestic and international travelers. - Giza Pyramids: The iconic Giza Pyramids are approximately 300 kilometers from The Groove, making them a viable day-trip destination. - Famous Parks: The project itself features beautifully landscaped gardens, while Wadi Degla Protectorate is approximately 50 kilometers away, offering nature enthusiasts a delightful escape. - Major Malls: Sokhna itself offers various shopping and dining options, and El Galala Mall is a mere 30 kilometers from The Groove, providing additional retail and entertainment choices. - City Center: The city center of Sokhna is a short distance away and provides access to various services, ensuring convenience for residents. The Groove in Sokhna offers an extraordinary opportunity for a luxurious, seaside lifestyle in one of Egypt's most captivating coastal destinations. With its updated amenities, beautiful location, and investment potential, it stands out as an excellent choice for those seeking a piece of paradise by the Red Sea.

Your Ultimate Guide to Sokhna: The Best Real Estate Market in Egypt

The Sokhna real estate market has emerged as a shining star in Egypt's property landscape, offering an enticing blend of natural beauty, modern infrastructure, and investment potential. Nestled along the stunning Red Sea coastline, Sokhna has transformed from a quiet retreat into a vibrant hub for residential living and investment. 
Community and Landmarks:
The community in Sokhna is characterized by its unique blend of tranquility and convenience. The area boasts an array of residential developments, ranging from luxurious beachfront villas to contemporary apartments, catering to various preferences and lifestyles. One of the most alluring aspects of Sokhna is its collection of landmarks that cater to residents and visitors alike:
- Stunning Beaches: Sokhna's expansive coastline is dotted with pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters. Residents can indulge in a plethora of water sports, from snorkeling and diving to windsurfing and sailing.
- Ain Sokhna Port: This bustling port serves as a gateway to international trade and commerce, enhancing the area's economic prospects and driving real estate demand.
- Stella Di Mare Golf Club: For golf enthusiasts, the Stella Di Mare Golf Club offers a challenging course surrounded by breathtaking views of the Red Sea.
- Hot Springs: Sokhna is also renowned for its natural hot springs, providing a therapeutic escape for relaxation and rejuvenation.
- Shopping and Entertainment: Modern shopping centers and entertainment complexes provide residents with ample opportunities for leisure and socializing.
Attractions for Residents and Investors: Why Choose Sokhna
For Residents:
- Serene Lifestyle: Sokhna offers a serene and laid-back lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of urban centers, making it an ideal choice for those seeking peace and tranquility.
- Natural Beauty: The Red Sea's stunning coral reefs, diverse marine life, and picturesque landscapes create a haven for nature enthusiasts and water lovers.
- Recreational Activities: From water sports to golfing and spa experiences, Sokhna provides a plethora of recreational activities to suit all interests.
- Modern Infrastructure: Despite its natural charm, Sokhna boasts modern infrastructure, ensuring residents have access to essential amenities and services.
For Investors:
- Tourism Magnet: Sokhna's popularity as a tourist destination ensures a consistent influx of visitors, driving demand for rental properties and creating lucrative investment opportunities.
- Capital Appreciation: With ongoing infrastructure development and growing demand, property values in Sokhna are expected to appreciate, offering investors the potential for substantial returns.
- Rising Demand: The allure of beachfront living and vacation getaways has attracted local and international investors, contributing to the increasing demand for properties.
- Diversification: Investing in Sokhna real estate offers diversification from traditional investment avenues, such as stocks and bonds, reducing overall investment risk.
Why Invest in Sokhna: A Lucrative Proposition
The decision to invest in Sokhna goes beyond its stunning vistas and vibrant community. The area's strategic location, coupled with its potential for both short-term gains and long-term growth which makes it an attractive proposition for investors. As the Egyptian government continues to invest in infrastructure and tourism, Sokhna's real estate market is poised for further expansion.
Sokhna's real estate market offers a compelling blend of natural beauty, modern amenities, and investment opportunities. Whether you're seeking a tranquil coastal lifestyle or aiming to capitalize on a burgeoning market, Sokhna has the potential to fulfill your aspirations. With its captivating landmarks, recreational offerings, and promise of substantial returns, Sokhna stands as a testament to the bright future of Egypt's real estate landscape.


DM Development Lifestyle: An Insider's Guide to Egypt's Real Estate Developer

DM Developments, a name synonymous with innovation and excellence in Egypt's real estate landscape, has been at the forefront of transformative projects that redefine urban living. 
A Brief History of DM Developments:
DM Developments, a prominent real estate developer in Egypt, was established with a vision to reshape the urban fabric of the nation. Since its inception, the company has been unwavering in its commitment to crafting iconic developments that combine luxury, functionality, and sustainability.
Reputation and Achievements:
DM Developments' reputation in the Egyptian real estate market is nothing short of stellar. The company's achievements are a testament to its dedication to excellence:
- Awards: DM Developments has earned numerous accolades and awards forits projects, emphasizing its commitment to quality and innovation.
- Customer Satisfaction: The developer's unwavering focus on customer satisfaction has led to a loyal and satisfied customer base, further enhancing its reputation.
- Sustainability: DM Developments is also recognized for its commitment to sustainable development, incorporating eco-friendly features in many of its projects.
Why Invest in DM Developments:
Investing in DM Developments is a strategic choice for several compelling reasons:
- Stellar Track Record: DM Developments' history of successful projects and satisfied customers provides a high level of confidence for investors.
- Prime Locations: The company carefully selects strategic locations, ensuring strong potential for property value appreciation and a convenient lifestyle.
- Architectural Excellence: DM Developments' commitment to architectural innovation results in iconic, aesthetically pleasing developments.
- Quality and Amenities: The developer's projects are known for their quality construction, modern amenities, and attention to detail, making them highly attractive to both buyers and tenants.
- Sustainability: DM Developments' focus on eco-friendly and sustainable living aligns with global trends, making their properties appealing to a wide range of environmentally conscious investors.
DM Developments has solidified its position as a premier real estate developer in Egypt through its remarkable projects, exemplary track record, and dedication to excellence. Investing in DM Developments not only offers the promise of a high return on investment but also an opportunity to be part of the evolution of Egypt's urban landscape. Don't miss out on the chance to be a part of this remarkable journey.


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